Business SA’s change of heart on trading hours is a win for common sense

The SDA – the state’s largest union – welcomes Business SA’s decision to stand against the Government’s 24/7 shop trading hours deregulation agenda.

Business SA’s new position – which supports 9am trade on Sunday and 6pm closures on Saturday – has previously been backed in part by the SDA.

It’s pleasing to see Business SA putting forward a more measured and reasonable position on shop trading hours, unlike the ideologically-motivated approach taken by the State Liberal Government.

The State Government now stands alone in South Australia in their push for 24/7 trade, which is only supported by interstate industry groups.

This about-face proves what the SDA, workers and small businesses have been saying all along: 24/7 trade is out of line with the best interests of South Australia.

The SDA has written to Business SA today to continue a constructive dialogue on this issue and discuss how we can safeguard the needs of retail workers, business owners and customers if trading hours are extended.