Christmas Day Public Holiday One Step Closer

With the bill to make Christmas Day a public holiday passing the Upper House last week, the SDA – the state’s largest union – is calling on Premier Marshall to ensure the swift passage of this legislation through the Lower House.

Premier Marshall and the Liberal Government are the only ones who stand in the way of Christmas Day being made a public holiday in South Australia and ensuring workers receive public holiday penalty rates if they work on December 25.

The Marshall Government should bring on the passage of this legislation to ensure South Australians workers and business aren’t left in limbo.

If Premier Marshall won’t fix it, it’s time he got out of the way and let the Parliament do it for him.

At this stage, no members of the Marshall Liberal Government have indicated that they will support the legislation in the Lower House.

Quotes attributable to SDA Secretary Josh Peak:

Premier Marshall has refused to support our essential workers and if he won’t, the Parliament will.”

“Supporting this bill should be a no brainer for the Government, the fact it’s come to this is beyond a joke.”

“Every other state has done the right thing and made sure Christmas Day is a public holiday, why does our Premier continue to refuse to do the same?”

“Steven Marshall and his Liberal Government are now the only ones who stand in the way of essential workers getting the pay they deserve on Christmas Day.”

“There is no reason for Steven Marshall to drag this out any longer. Any delay will see workers and businesses left in limbo in the lead up to the busiest time of year.”

“The Premier has been given many opportunities to fix this but he’s chosen not to, now he must either support the legislation or get out of the way and let the Parliament fix it for him.”

“South Aussie workers deserve better than Steven Marshall, Rob Lucas and this hopeless State Government for Christmas.”


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