The Marshall Government has stolen Christmas from essential workers.

In every other state, both Saturday December 25 and Monday December 27 are public holidays – but South Australia only recognises December 27 as the public holiday this year.

Steven Marshall and his Government have refused to do the right thing and vote in favour of legislation to make Christmas Day a public holiday in 2021.

This means in South Australia that if you work on Christmas Day, you won’t be paid public holiday penalty rates.

If you’re permanent and usually work Saturdays but don’t work on Christmas Day, you won’t be paid for your usual hours either.

Thousands of essential workers in retail, fast food, warehousing, hospitality and health services will have their pay slashed in the week of Christmas.

Since Steven Marshall won’t stand up, we’re calling on companies to do the right thing.

Tell Steven Marshall what you think of his decision here.


  • Premier Steven Marshall: Declare Christmas Day a Public Holiday