Costco Win: Essential Service Payment Extended & Paid Self Isolation Leave Secured

In great news for Costco workers, Costco has announced the additional payment of $3 per hour for all hourly employees will continue until 3 May

On top of this, Costco has announced all workers who are required to self-isolate will be provided with 14 days paid leave.

This leave will be available to:

  • Employees who return a positive result for COVID-19

  • Mature aged workers (i.e. 65 years and over) who elect to self-isolate

  • Employees that are directed to isolate by a medical professional or by a government authority.

For the past few weeks, the SDA has been calling on all employers to introduce paid leave for all employees including full-time, part-time, casual and contract workers – if they have to self isolate.

This leave is now accessible and will be reviewed throughout the pandemic.

These are great outcomes for workers and it’s great to see Costco recognising SDA members hard work and the need for greater safety measures throughout this pandemic.   

The SDA continues to call on Costco to implement all points of our 10 Point Health and Safety Plan to ensure all workers safety.