Easter Sunday must become a public holiday in SA

The SDA  is calling on the new State Labor Government to bring South Australia into line with the rest of mainland Australia and make Easter Sunday a public holiday.

In 2022, South Australia stands as the only mainland state or territory where Easter Sunday is not recognised as a public holiday.

Thousands of workers in retail, supermarkets, petrol stations, fast food, healthcare and emergency services are not being paid any extra today than they would on any ordinary Sunday – and don’t have the right to take the day off.

The previous Liberal Government refused to do anything when it came to bringing our Public Holidays Act into the 21st Century.

They refused to act on Christmas Day last year and Boxing Day in 2020 when they weren’t public holidays and they refused to act to make Easter Sunday a Public Holiday.

With the election of a new Labor Government, there must be an urgent review into our public holidays to recognise that not everyone works Monday to Friday.

It’s not fair that South Australians workers are being short-changed on Easter Sunday while workers in other states are getting their fair share.

Quotes attributable to SDA Secretary Josh Peak:
“Thousands of SA workers – thousands of mums and dads – are going to work today, missing out on the joy of Easter Sunday, and won’t earn an extra cent.

“This Easter should be the last year that workers lose out on Easter Sunday.”

“Victoria has fixed it, Queensland has fixed it, New South Wales has fixed it, the ACT has fixed it and both Western Australia and the Northern Territory have fixed it this year.”

“Why should South Aussie workers miss out on a key public holiday?”

“The cost of living crisis is having a huge impact on South Aussies and many workers can’t afford to miss out on a day’s pay as they have today.”

“South Australia must enter the 21st century and make Easter Sunday a public holiday.”

“South Australia has less public holidays than every other mainland state, making Easter Sunday a public holiday is just common sense.”