know your workplace rights

Are you being paid enough? Do you get proper breaks? Do you know what to do if you disagree with roster changes?

Whether you work in retail, fast food, warehousing, or hair and beauty, it’s essential that you know your workplace rights and understand what you’re entitled to.

This free ebook will guide you through your workplace rights, and give advice on what to do if you think your employer is not meeting their responsibilities.

This important guide will cover:

  • Your legal entitlements such as pay, breaks and leave.

  • What information should be on your pay slips.

  • What to do if you are injured at work.

  • What to do if you’re being bullied at work.

  • What to do if you’re being sexually harassed at work.

  • The difference between coaching and counselling.

Download your FREE copy of ‘Know Your Workplace Rights’: