Libs cut buses on Boxing Day across Adelaide

The SDA is calling on the State Liberal Government to reverse its decision to slash bus services in Adelaide on Boxing Day – a decision that will disadvantage many retail workers.

The Government announced on Friday afternoon that bus services will run less frequently and on different schedules on Boxing Day, with some services not beginning until after 8am.

SDA Assistant Secretary Josh Peak says public transport is essential for many retail workers – especially those at large shopping centres such as Westfield Marion.

“With some bus routes not starting till after 8am, these cruel cuts mean retail workers who rely on public transport won’t get to work on time and will be forced to drive or get a taxi.”

“We know that many retail workers don’t have the means to park on-site for their whole shift or get a taxi to and from work,” says Josh.

The Government’s decision to allow shops to open on Boxing Day means retail workers need a way to get to work.

“It doesn’t make sense to cut bus services on Boxing Day when the Government is requiring thousands of South Australian retail workers to work on this public holiday,” says Josh.

“The Government can’t just make this up as they go along.”

“The SDA is calling on the Government to increase bus services on Boxing Day immediately to ensure workers can get to work as they usually would,” says Josh.