No Happy Christmas for Harris Scarfe workers as the company goes into administration

The SDA is deeply disappointed to hear that South Australia’s oldest retail chain, Harris Scarfe has today been placed into voluntary administration after 170 years of business.

With Christmas just around the corner, the SDA’s immediate concern is for the 1,800+ workers across Australia.

It’s a kick in the guts to workers only days away from Christmas.

Our thoughts are with thousands of workers, and thousands of families, who have no certainty around their future. They have been left in a state of limbo as a result of this decision.

The SDA’s main priority is to secure all entitlements for all workers.

This announcement comes off the back of some of the worst retail figures in Australia in 30 years.

Our Federal Government clearly has no agenda for turning the retail sector around.

The Government must take action and ensure our local retail sector has a viable future for many years to come.

The SDA is also calling for an immediate investigation into the role private equity firms are playing in the retail sector in Australia.

Only two weeks ago, the new owner informed staff they are “the most recognised and awarded turnaround team in Australia” and now just weeks later, this has happened.