Territory workers robbed of $18 million in wages from 1 July

NT workers will have $18,898,934.30 million ripped from their pay packets if cuts to penalty rates are introduced on 1 July according to new research from The McKell Institute.

SDA Secretary Sonia Romeo says retail, fast food, pharmacy and hospitality workers will be devastated by this cut to their take-home pay.

“NT retail workers covered by the Retail Award could be worse off by up to $5,000 each year.”

“This is a straight up pay cut for thousands of hard-working Territorians that they can’t afford and don’t deserve.

“Research from The McKell Institute demonstrates the huge impact this will have on NT workers and their families.

The cuts, which apply to retail, fast food, pharmacy and hospitality workers covered by Awards, adversely affect regional and rural areas.

SDA Assistant Secretary Josh Peak says the decision will also have an impact on the local economy and local businesses

“Cutting penalty rates will have an impact on local communities as the savings from labour costs will be shifted outside of the Territory.

“The reality is, when workers wages are cut, they have to cut spending.

“This isn’t just bad for workers, it’s bad for small businesses and the community who need locals to shop in their stores and go to their local cafes, restaurants and bars,” said Josh.

The SDA continues the fight to protect penalty rates for working unsociable hours. Sign up to the campaign here.

The SDA’s campaign now has over 50,000 supporters across the country.

The McKell Institute release their report: Unfair Burden – the Impact of Sunday Penalty Rate Reductions on Regional and Rural Australia today.