Paid parking legislation is a win for workers

The SDA welcomes today’s announcement by the Malinauskas Labor Government that it will deliver on its commitment to stop paid parking at Tea Tree Plaza. 

The legislation will require local governments to approve the imposition of paid parking controls at large shopping centres – including TTP, West Lakes and Marion Shopping Centre.

This will see Westfield’s plan for Tea Tree Plaza effectively stopped in its tracks – with the Tea Tree Gully Council already publicly announcing its opposition to the installation of boom gates.

The proposed legislation will also give the community around Westfield West Lakes Shopping Centre the chance to have their say on whether the current paid parking can continue.

Boom gates at West Lakes are a relic of the Football Park era and are no longer necessary, but workers are still being forced to pay up to $35 a day on parking.

Once the legislation is approved, the Charles Sturt Council will have to decide whether to allow these outdated and harmful parking controls at West Lakes to continue.

Quotes attributable to SDA Secretary Josh Peak:
“This is a fantastic outcome for workers, businesses, customers and community members at TTP Shopping Centre.”

“Over 15,000 SDA members, customers, business owners and community members stood up to oppose Westfield’s greedy plan and it’s great to see the Government stand up and stop this.”

“This announcement sends a clear message to Westfield: boom gates at TTP are out of step with the community’s expectations.”

“Workers and the wider community at West Lakes will now have the opportunity to have their say on the paid parking controls currently in place.”

“Workers at Westfield West Lakes currently have to cough up to $35 a day on parking and this is a significant hit on their household budgets that they don’t need and don’t deserve.”


“Paid parking at TTP will be stopped, let’s get rid of the boom gates at West Lakes too.”