A Work Health & Safety (H&S) Committee is a group of people in the workplace who investigate, discuss and make recommendations about health and safety matters.

H&S Committees provide a way for management and workers to meet regularly to discuss workplace health and safety issues.

They bring together workers’ practical knowledge of jobs and management’s overview of the workplace and work organisation.

Every member of a H&S Committee can access up to 1 day’s paid training each year to assist in developing their WHS knowledge and skills.

HSR’s and H&S Committees improve awareness of health and safety issues by:

  • Encouraging co-operative efforts between management and employees.
  • Stimulating interest in and open discussion of Occupational, Health & Safety issues.
  • Using preventative rather than reactive approaches to health and safety.
  • Sharing knowledge, ideas and experience.
  • Allowing employees to assist with workplace planning/design.
  • Reinforcing the need for harmonious co-operative relations.