SDA and Aldi headed for the High Court

Last year, the SDA – the Union for Aldi employees had a big win for Aldi workers in the Federal Court.

The Aldi Agreement that workers in South Australia are covered by was made by Aldi with a small number of workers who, at the time, were not working in South Australia.

The SDA challenged the Agreement because we believe that it did not give workers at Aldi in SA a say on your wages and conditions and attempted to make it difficult for the union to represent workers in negotiations with the company. The SDA also has concerns that workers are worse off under the deal.

Aldi has appealed that decision to the High Court. This will take some time to resolve. As this continues we will continue to represent Aldi workers to ensure that you get the pay and conditions you deserve.

Join us – and let’s get a better deal for Aldi workers in South Australia.