SDA takes Officeworks overtime issue to Federal Court

Since 2021, the SDA has been in dispute with Officeworks regarding their failure to roster full-time employees in accordance with the Officeworks Enterprise Agreement.

Under the Officeworks Agreement, full-time workers cannot be rostered to work more than 19 days in a 4-week cycle. If they’re rostered to work more than this, they must receive the appropriate overtime rates of pay.

This has not been happening.

On behalf of SDA members, the SDA pursued this case at the Fair Work Commission and won, with the Fair Work Commission ruling in our favour twice.

Despite this, and the requirement on the Company to abide by Fair Work Commission decisions, Officeworks has refused to pay employees their owed overtime.

That’s why we’re now pursuing this case in the Federal Court to make sure that Officeworks employees don’t miss out on what they’re owed.

Being rostered correctly and paid correctly isn’t optional – it’s the law.

Ensuring that you don’t lose out on your pay and entitlements is our top priority and we will always fight to make sure you receive all of your entitlements and are treated with the respect you deserve. 

We will continue to keep members at Officeworks updated throughout this process.