SDA’s 10 Point Plan for Gender Equity in a COVID-19 recovery and beyond:

As unions, governments and businesses continue to respond and plan for the “New Normal”, we need to ensure that our response is gender equitable and doesn’t leave 50% of Australians behind. 

This is an opportunity for us to reset the economy and fix the inequalities and injustices in our current economic and social structures.

Unless we take action, women will continue to bear the burden of the long-term effects of this pandemic.

The SDA has been strongly advocating for a gender equitable recovery for the COVID Pink Recession.

  1. A gender analysis at the design stage as to the impact of policy decisions and interventions

  2. A gender impact statement in the Federal and State Budgets

  3. Women at the table on all decision-making bodies and institutions

  4. Ensure that tax and social security measures do not continue to disadvantage women

  5. A public policy response to ensure investment in modern work and workplaces

  6. Economic investment (both public and private) and job creation which targets the whole economy and particularly female dominated industries

  7. Develop a Industrial Relations framework which addresses issues for working women including the historical undervaluation of work, pay equity, family friendly work and discrimination

  8. Proactively address the gender retirement gap in superannuation

  9. Family friendly work-rights

  10. Access to training and skills development