Statement on Woolworths Salaried Underpayments

Woolworths has today announced that it is conducting a review of salaried workers wages across all brands dating back to 2010 and estimates that it could results in a back pay of $200-300 million.

Salaried workers have rights and are not ‘award free,’ and Salaries must be set at a level to compensate workers for all time worked- including penalty rates and overtime.

The SDA has been concerned about salary settings for salaried staff in the retail industry for some time.

While Woolworths has committed to rectifying these salary staff underpayments back to 2010, the SDA now calls on all retailers to audit their payroll settings especially for salary staff.

Wage compliance is every employers responsibility and every employer must fulfil their legal obligations.

Woolworths estimates that this could result in a backpay of up to $200 to 300 million.

Salaried and concerned you’re being underpaid? 

The SDA is committed to ensuring all salaried workers are paid fairly.

If you have any further questions or need any advice, call the SDA on 8139 1000.