On Sunday 3 June 2018 the SDA, the union for retail workers, alongside local workers, retailers and business owners launched an advertising campaign demanding the Liberal Government stop its plan to deregulate shop trading hours.

State Premier Steven Marshall plans to deregulate shop trading hours, allowing all shops to open every day from midnight to 9 pm every day of the year – including most Public Holidays.

SDA Assistant Secretary Josh Peak warns that deregulation will cost South Australians jobs.

“Longer trading hours won’t mean consumers have more money in their pockets.”

“If deregulation goes ahead, local businesses will be squeezed out of the retail market by interstate supermarket chains and hardworking South Australians will suffer the consequences.” said Josh.

Research by the McKell Institute has found that there is no significant evidence to suggest deregulation will lead to job creation or economic growth.

Josh says retail workers will be pressured to work more unsociable hours such as public holidays and early mornings and evenings on weekends.

“This is ridiculous. Retail workers shouldn’t have to work from 4am on Boxing Day.”

“Weekends and public holidays should be for everyone,” said Josh.

The Stop Deregulation campaign will aired on television and radio on Sunday night.

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