Stop Longer Trading Hours: Anzac Day Trading is completely unnecessary

The South Australian Government’s announcement that it will continue to allow big supermarkets to open 24 hours a day Monday to Friday and for the first time, allow trading on Anzac Day – due to COVID-19 – is completely unnecessary.

On Thursday April 16 2020, the Government granted exemptions to allow all large retailers in the Adelaide Metropolitan Area to open 24 hours a day Monday to Friday, from 12am-9pm on Saturday and from 9am-9pm on Sunday from Monday April 20 to Tuesday May 19 2020.

On top of this, it announced shops will be able to open from 12pm-9pm on Anzac Day (Saturday April 25).

Rob Lucas and Steven Marshall’s deregulation obsession knows no bounds and it’s extraordinary that they are using a health pandemic to advance their political agenda.

Anzac Day is an important day for the community to reflect, not to shop. This year, Dawn Services have been closed but the shops are open.

Over the last month, there has been enormous pressure on our supermarkets and supply chains and many have managed this by reducing trading hours not extending them.

Supermarkets have hardly taken up the current changes to trading hours and these further extensions are completely unnecessary.

Frontline workers – including those in our supermarkets – are the real heroes in this crisis – not the politicians.

Supermarket workers are doing an incredible job ensuring that we all have the food and groceries we need.

What they need is a government willing to support them – not one making things harder by forcing on them last minute changes to their rosters.

At a time when their work is critical to our communities, the Government must start showing support and respect for supermarket workers and their needs.

Being forced to work on Anzac Day or in the extended hours?

All work during these extended hours and on Anzac Day is completely voluntary for all workers – including salaried managers.

Your employer cannot force you to make any changes to your roster because of these trading hours changes.

If you are being required to work during any of the extended hours or on Anzac Day, your employer is breaking the law.

If you’re being forced to work, let us know here or call us on 8139 1000.