It’s Time to Change the Rules for Working Women

The SDA has joined forces with the ACTU to change the rules for working women across Australia and help achieve gender equality.

Women make up 46.2% of the Australian workforce and yet, they are the consistently undervalued, underpaid, discriminated against, penalised for having children and locked out of a secure retirement.

These conditions will not change however, if we do not take a stand and fight for change.

Together with the ACTU, over the next few months, the SDA will be campaigning to change the system for women in two ways.

1. Grant women the right to ask for part-time hours during significant periods of parenting or caring AND the right to go back to their previous hours and job.
2. Provide women with access to 10 days of Paid Family and Domestic Violence leave in the National Employment Standard.

The current system is stacked against the needs and responsibilities of women. These changes would provide women in the workforce with a greater sense of security in times of hardship, help address discriminatory and sexist attitudes and make the Australian workforce fairer for all workers.

Over the next few months, the SDA will be out in stores campaigning on these issues.

To get involved, speak with your SDA Union Rep or head to:

If you’re experiencing domestic violence and need help or support, call 1800 RESPECT – 1800 737 732.