A key role of the SDA is to train workplace leaders. The SDA Training Centre is a wing of the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association, a not-for-profit organisation that represents people working in retail, fast food and allied industries.

Workplace Delegates Training

Workplace delegates are the vital link between the Union and the shop floor. Each year, hundreds of our workplace delegates receive specialised training to assist them in representing SDA members within the workplace.

All SDA Delegates are encouraged to attend training each year.

Health & Safety Training

The SDA – in conjunction with JobSafe SA – provides a range of training courses for elected Health and Safety Reps as well as OHS Committee Members

These courses aim to empower Health and Safety Representatives to successfully perform their vital role within the workplace.

We offer a competitive fee structure, and will take into account any training subsidies which you may be eligible for. For more information on the fee structure, follow this link to the courses page.

To see an outline of the courses offered, click here.

To see when we are offering courses, click here. 

To discuss training and the courses offered, please ring an SDA Training Officer on (08) 8139 1000.