Union win: Significant pay rise won without delay

The Fair Work Commission has handed down their Annual Wage Review decision, announcing pay rises for millions of workers. 

From 1 July, the minimum wage will increase by 5.2% and there will be at least an increase of 4.6% for workers being paid award rates of pay.

For Level 1 retail & fast food employees covered by their awards, there will be 4.7% increase or $1.05 per hour.

For workers covered by SDA-negotiated Agreements, we will keep you updated about how and when your pay rise will apply and provide your new rates of pay specific to your Agreement.

This is a huge win for workers and wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our members.

When employer groups argued for little or no increases as well as postponing any increase, we campaigned out in stores and in your communities to ensure you received a real and immediate pay rise. 

Almost 14,000 workers joined our campaign and shared why they need a pay rise on 1 July.

With the cost of living still skyrocketing, we know how badly workers need a pay rise – and that’s why we fought to make sure your pay rise is not delayed again.

This is a much needed increase for millions of workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

As the cost of living continues to go up, the SDA will continue our work for fair and decent pay rises.