Workers deserve an immediate pay rise on July 1

The SDA and the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) are pushing for a real and immediate pay rise for hundreds of thousands of Australian workers in this year’s Annual Wage Review.

In 2020, despite everything retail, fast food and warehouse workers did for our communities, the Fair Work Commission decided to postpone a pay increase for these essential workers from July 2020 to February 2021.

The SDA and the ACTU are calling for a 3.5% increase for workers.

SDA Secretary Josh Peak says this 7-month pay freeze is inexcusable and cannot be repeated.

“After everything frontline workers did for us – including putting their own health and safety at risk – this 7-month pay freeze was the last thing they deserved.”

This decision left hundreds of thousands of workers short changed over $400 at a time when many Australians were already struggling to get by.

“This may seem like a small amount, but for lower paid workers living from week to week it can make a vital difference in making ends meet.

“We cannot see this same mistake repeated in 2021 by the Fair Work Commission – essential workers simply cannot afford it” says Josh.

What’s good for workers is good for economy

While the Fair Work Commission claimed that this pay freeze was to offset potential job losses, this claim had no factual basis.

Following a campaign by the SDA, many major retailers did the right thing and chose to bring this pay rise forward and back pay it to July 2020.

“These companies suffered no negative economic impact, and in many cases, actually experienced record sales.

“This idea that workers have to suffer for the economy to prosper is completely untrue.”

“To get our economy back on track, we need to put money into the pockets of our frontline workers who kept the country running, not those of CEOs and shareholders,” says Josh.

Sign our petition calling for an immediate pay rise for workers.