Work in Hair and Beauty? The SDA can help.

It’s a little known fact that alongside of retail, fast food and warehousing, the SDA is also the union for hair and beauty workers.

This role presents a unique challenge for the SDA because unlike most other companies that the SDA deals with, the pay and conditions for employees in the hair and beauty industries are almost entirely drawn from the Hair and Beauty Industry Award 2010.

The Hair and Beauty Industry Award covers over 7,500 employees in South Australia, including those working as hairdressers, beauticians and nail technicians.

The SDA can answer any questions you may have about the Hair and Beauty Industry Award.

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Should I get paid extra for working on the weekends?

Yes. The Award provides for penalty rates to be paid for work completed on both Saturdays and Sundays. However, the penalty rates applicable vary depending on the times that you work. If you have a query about your penalty rates, you should contact the SDA to discuss your individual circumstances.

I’m on a part-time contract, is it okay for my employer to change my roster on a weekly basis?

One of the benefits of being a part-time employee is that you are entitled to have a regular roster, which should be reasonably predictable. A part-time roster should be an agreement made in writing between the employee and the employer. Any agreement to vary the regular pattern of work must be made in writing before the variation occurs. The SDA can assist members who have queries about their rosters and are happy to attend any meetings with members if a problem arises.

Is my employer allowed to ask me to work through my lunch break because the salon is too busy?

No, employers may not deny employees their break because there is not enough staff. All employees must be allowed a meal break of 45-60 minutes after 5 hours work. However, by mutual agreement this can be shortened to 30 minutes. Remember that it’s important to take breaks to replenish fluids, eat and relax from the pressures and routine of what we’re doing.

If you would like further information about your specific circumstances, contact the SDA on 8139 1000. The SDA is always here to help any of our members working in hair and beauty with a workplace issue.