Why join the SDA?

We fight to promote, protect and advance the workplace rights and wellbeing of Australia’s retail, fast food and warehousing workers.

We work hard to campaign for better conditions, higher wages and fairer treatment for our members, providing strong representation and effective advocacy when times are tough.

No matter what, we’re with you every step of the way.

See Member Benefits

Our 28,000 members across SA, NT and Broken Hill are among the highest paid retail, fast food and warehouse workers in the world today.

Here are a few reasons why you should join us:

Protection & Security

Protection & Security

Our legal team are experts at dealing with unfair dismissal, wage underpayments and worker’s compensation.

Better Wages & Conditions

Better Wages & Conditions

We will negotiate and fight for the best possible wages and employment conditions on your behalf.

Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace Health & Safety

We advocate for safe, healthy and productive workplaces for all our members. And if you’re injured at work, our legal team is there to help you.

Extra Member Benefits

  • Legal Representation
  • Free Confidential Advice
  • Shop Floor Representation
  • Negotiation of Wages and Conditions
  • Free Accident Insurance for Direct Debit Members who Join Online (up to $45,000 for accidents/injuries outside work).
  • Exclusive Discount Program
  • Cheap Movie Tickets
  • Free Family Fun Day at the Adelaide Zoo
  • Free SDA Movie Nights
  • Free Entry to SDA Competitions
  • SDA Members News Magazines

What are the next steps?

Register your details online.

Fill out our online registration form with your contact details and basic information about your current employment.

Choose how you want to pay.

You can choose to pay fortnightly via direct debit from your bank account or your credit card. Member fees are calculated according to the amount of hours you expect to work (inclusive of GST):

  • 0 to 9 hours per week: $9.00 per fortnight
  • 10 to 19 hours per week: $16.10 per fortnight
  • 20 hours or more per week: $22.60 per fortnight

Your member fees are 100% tax deductible. At the end of the financial year when you file your tax return, you can claim your membership fees as a deduction.

Receive your welcome pack and membership card.

We’ll send you a free member pack in the post with your membership card and the SDA Member Handbook.