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Workplace Delegates

A Delegate is a shop floor worker trained by the SDA to assist members at their workplace. Delegates are the vital link between SDA members on the shop floor and the SDA. Delegates keep SDA members informed about important workplace issues and assist SDA members to resolve concerns at a store level. The union Delegate role is a voluntary position and Delegates are provided with training to ensure they have the fundamental skills necessary to represent the SDA in their workplace.

Being a Delegate could be for you if you:

  • Are an SDA member;
  • Are concerned about workers rights;
  • Want to help and mentor new workers in the retail industry;
  • Enjoy assisting others to address concerns; and
  • Would like further training.

Being a Delegate includes:

  • Paid ongoing training for the role;
  • Assisting SDA members with employment related queries;
  • Approaching management if a member feels that they can’t do it on their own;
  • Educating other employees about the SDA and how they can join;
  • Assisting members by being a witness in meetings at work;
  • Access to specialist officers to help you manage and resolve issues; and

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Health and Safety Reps

SDA Health & Safety Reps are normal workers who make the workplace safer for their fellow workers.

Trained Health & Safety Reps ensure the highest standards of workplace health and safety are maintained and they’re ready to take up any safety issues with employers and follow a process to resolve them.

All Health & Safety Reps are entitled to paid training of up to 5 days each year.

It’s an important and rewarding role, and your workmates will appreciate the effort you put into it.

Any employee can nominate for the position of Health & Safety Rep and, if elected, serve a three-year term in accordance with Work, Health & Safety Act 2012.