We provide a comprehensive range of training courses aimed at both Delegates as well as Health and Safety Representatives.

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The following are unsolicited testimonials from people who have attended our courses

  • “You exceeded my expectations – I learnt a lot!” – Tom
  • “A good mix of DVDs, legislation, theory and practical stuff” – Anne
  • “I’m good enough now to be a HSR” – Jarred
  • “I like the small group and open discussion between trainer and the group. This makes the topics more interesting and easier to remember” – Emily
  • “Gave me a good insight on what a committee does and should do” – Michael
  • “Enjoyable, stimulating and interesting. Casual and inclusive of all groups” – Danny
  • “Well done. Really enjoyed the balance between the theoretical and the practical and the variety” – Joan
  • “Got me thinking about important issues I hadn’t thought of before” – Leah


Delegate Courses

Introductory Delegates

A course designed for new SDA Delegates. 

The course provides Delegates with a basic introduction to their role, expectation of the employer and Union as a Delegate. Topics covered include:

  • Delegates Role
  • SDA’s Role & History
  • Brief History of Union Movement
  • Dispute Resolution & Following the Disputes Resolution Procedure
  • Acting as a Witness in a Counselling/Warning Session
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • OHS

Industrial Relations Update

A course designed for experienced SDA Delegates. 

This course is for Delegates who have already completed the Introductory Course. It expands on many of the topics covered in the Intro Course.

The main focus is on the ‘big picture’, this course gives Delegates an insight into how Legislation, the Fair Work Commission (FWC), economic, social and political factors all influence wages and conditions.

Workplace Organising

A course designed for Delegates wishing to campaign in and to better organise their workplace.

Bullying & Stress at Work

A course for Delegates who have an interest in Bullying & Harassment

This course takes a detailed look at what behaviour and is not constituted as bullying and harassment and how it can be dealt with at work and within the Industrial Relations system.

Work, Health and Safety for Delegates

This course provides information on Work Health and Safety standards and practical steps to improve and engage on WHS.

Health & Safety Courses (powered by JobSafe SA)

Health and Safety Representative – Initial Training (Level 1) - (5 days)

This course is designed for Health and Safety Representatives who are in their first year of their term or who have not previously attended training.

The Course aims to:

  • develop the skills and confidence to enable health and safety representatives to participate effectively and constructively in workplace consultation and develop positive attitudes to occupational health and safety;
  • provide health and safety representatives with a working knowledge of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, other relevant legislation and approved codes of practice; and use of Hazard management approaches to manual handling;
  • Assist Health and Safety Representatives to understand the principles of hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control;

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Introduction to Work Health and Safety Act 2012
  • Role of the Health and Safety Representative
  • Hazard Management
  • Health and Safety Committees in the Workplace
  • Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation
  • Organisation, Consultation and Negotiation Skills

Health and Safety Representative – Level 2 Training - (3 days)

This course is designed for Health and Safety Representatives who have completed HSR Training Level 1 and are generally in the second year of their three year term.

This Level Two Course aims to add and extend the range of skills and knowledge acquired in the 5 Day Initial Course.

Participants are able to select areas directly relevant to their workplace such as Manual Handling, plant and structures and hazardous work .

Participants will also review the WHS Act again and be updated on any changes to the Act, regulations and/or Codes of Practice that are relevant to their workplace.

Health and Safety Representative - Level 3 Training - (5 Days)

Continuing Training Courses are for HSR’s who have completed the first two levels of training and aim to develop, reinforce and add to the range of skills and knowledge already acquired by Health and Safety Representatives in previous training.

These courses are flexible to ensure they meet the needs and requirements of HSRs and their workplaces.

Topics often covered include:

  • WHS Reporting;
  • WHS Training;
  • Incident & Injury Management:
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Hazard reporting;
  • Plant & equipment.