Landmark change to Easter Sunday a win for workers

Thousands of South Aussie retail and fast food workers are set to receive extra pay next Easter, with the State Government introducing legislation to make Easter Sunday a public holiday.  

The SDA – the state’s largest union – welcomes this common-sense decision which will bring South Australia into line with every other mainland state on Easter Sunday.

Permanent retail workers who regularly work on a Sunday will now be paid on Easter Sunday if they have the day off – as they would be on all other public holidays. 

Our essential workers will now be paid public holiday penalty rates if they work on Easter Sunday.  

Workers will now have the right to take the day off and can’t be unreasonably required to work. Meaning many more workers can now spend Easter with their families and friends. 

The Government has also announced that Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day public holiday entitlements will no longer be moved to Monday or Tuesday when they fall on a Saturday.

South Aussie workers will now get both, just like in most of the rest of the country. 

These changes bring our public holidays act into the 21st century.  

The State Government has done the right thing and listened to workers, now we need Parliament to pass this bill urgently so it’s in place for 2024.

Quotes attributable to SDA Secretary Josh Peak: 

“For too long, South Australian workers have been left behind.” 

“It doesn’t make sense that every mainland state and territory have Easter Sunday as a public holiday, but we do not.”  

“This legislation brings SA into line with most of the rest of Australia. South Aussie workers will no longer be treated like second-class citizens.” 

“This will ensure public holiday penalty rates for thousands of workers across retail, fast food, hospitality, health care and transport on Easter Sunday.” 

“For too long, permanent Sunday workers have lost a day’s pay if they didn’t work on Easter Sunday.” 

“Workers will finally have a choice on Easter Sunday – they’ll have the choice to take the day off with pay or earn public holiday rates.” 

“If you have to give up your Easter Sunday and go to work, it’s only fair that you’re paid public holiday penalty rates.”   

“At a time when many South Aussies are struggling with the cost of living, this extra money over Easter will make a huge difference.” 

“Our public holidays legislation needs to work for all workers, not just Monday-Friday workers.” 

“It’s great to see the Premier and his Government take action to fix this, now it’s time for Parliament to get it done.”