New Dan Murphy’s Agreement Voted Up

In good news for Dan Murphy’s workers, the proposed Dan Murphy’s Agreement has been voted up – with a 94% yes vote.

This is a great outcome for Dan Murphy’s employees and will ensure:

  • Regular pay rises.
  • Higher weekday pay rates.
  • New and increased penalty rates.
  • New laundry allowance payable to everyone in preferred dress

The proposed Dan Murphy’s Agreement will now go to the Fair Work Commission for approval and will commence 7 days after approval.

If the proposed Agreement is approved by the Fair Work Commission, eligible Dan Murphy’s workers will also receive a one-off payment of up to $1,100 based on when you were employed and your average hours per week.

The SDA worked hard throughout negotiations to ensure you receive fair pay and working conditions.

Thank you to all Dan Murphy’s workers who voted to have their say and  protect and improve their pay and conditions at work.