SDA Applies to Terminate McDonald’s Agreement

In May, the proposed McDonald’s Agreement 2019 was approved by McDonald’s workers and was sent to the Fair Work Commission for approval.

However, last week McDonald’s decided to withdraw the new McDonald’s Agreement from approval. This means the Company will no longer seek to put the new Agreement in place.

It is our understanding that the Company withdrew the proposed Agreement due to uncertainty about registration requirements for the approval process as a result of some of the Fair Work Commission’s recent decisions.

This is disappointing because while we did not reach agreement on all issues, we believe the proposed Agreement along with undertakings would have secured improved outcomes for McDonald’s workers over the next few years.

SDA Application to Terminate Current Agreement
The SDA’s priority is to ensure McDonald’s workers pay is protected and their conditions are improved.

That’s why the SDA has now filed an application to terminate the current McDonald’s Agreement. If our application is successful, McDonald’s will be covered by the Fast Food Industry Award.

The SDA’s application to terminate the Agreement seeks to protect workers pay and conditions to ensure they continue to be paid the higher base rates of pay they currently receive and ensure their penalty rates improve and that other benefits – including casual conversion – come into force.