SDA Union issues urgent message to Territorians: treat retail workers with respect

The SDA – the union for retail and fast food workers – is calling for Territorians to keep calm in supermarkets and shops during and in the lead up to the 48 hour lockdown.

Since the announcement of the supermarkets and retailers have already been inundated yet again with long queues and panic buying.

As many Territorians prepare to stay home, the SDA is calling for customers to treat retail workers with respect.

Quotes attributable to SDA NT Director Shlok Sharma:

“We know many Territorians are incredibly stressed right now but there is absolutely no excuse for abusive behaviour towards retail workers.”

“Retail workers are just trying to do their job – they don’t control stock levels or wait times”

They can’t work from home and the last thing they need is to be hurled with abuse over things that are out of their control.”

“Territorians can and will get through this. But we won’t get through this by taking our frustrations out on retail workers.”

“When you’re out doing your shop, remember: retail workers don’t deserve a serve.”

If you experience customer abuse, report it to the SDA here.