SDA wins Broken Hill Allowance Dispute

The SDA has won an important case at the Fair Work Commission regarding the Broken Hill allowance.

The Broken Hill allowance was won by the SDA in 2010 and now applies to almost all Retail, Fast Food and Pharmacy outlets in Broken Hill.

It is a 99 cent allowance on ALL hours in addition to ALL other payments. It is paid as compensation for the higher costs of living in a remote location.

Woolworths Group – at Woolworths Supermarkets and BWS – have not been paying the allowance on paid leave like annual leave and sick pay.

So the SDA disputed this – all the way to the Fair Work Commission – and won!

This is a huge win for Broken Hill workers and now means that they’ll be paid the allowance for all time worked and for any periods of sick leave and annual leave. It has set a precedent that must be followed across Broken Hill workplaces.

This wouldn’t have been possible without SDA members, who uncovered that Woolworths was not paying the Broken Hill allowance on annual leave or sick leave.

We believed this was unfair on you and that’s why we fought to have it overturned.

The Broken Hill allowance was fought for and won by the SDA.

No other location in Australia has this special allowance that the SDA fought to secure and we will continue to defend it at every turn.

The SDA will now be pursuing backpay for all affected workers since 2019.

If you don’t think you’re getting the Broken Hill allowance paid to you properly- email us at