Why you should become a workplace Health and Safety Representative.

Your safety at work is serious business.

The SDA is looking for SDA Members to stand up and become Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) to help us take action on workplace safety.

What is a Health and Safety Representative? 

A Health and Safety Representative is a worker elected to represent their coworkers’ interests on health and safety matters. 

Health and Safety Representatives play a vital role in workplaces and help ensure employers fulfil their legal obligations to keep workers safe.

Their role is to raise and investigate safety issues or risks, monitor safety measures put in place, ensure their employer is complying with the Work Health and Safety Act. 

HSRs also automatically become a member of the workplace’s Health and Safety Committee if they have one. 

This role is voluntary and all elected Representatives are entitled to attend specific training each year. 

Benefits of having a workplace Health and Safety Representative: 

  • Trained to identify safety issues and advocate for workers’ interests 
  • A single point of contact to raise safety issues 
  • Improved consultation process between employers and workers 
  • More effective representation of workers’ interests 
  • Democratically elected by workers  


Interested in becoming a Health and Safety Representative?

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