Union Win: New Freezer Jackets at Woolies

The SDA is pleased to announce that Woolworths Supermarkets employees will have access to NEW freezer jackets from October 2018 thanks to SDA members in Queensland and New South Wales who reported concerns about wearing dirty and unhygienic freezer jackets last year.

These reports led to the issue being investigated and addressed in all stores across the country.

Woolworths Supermarkets have recently agreed to:

  • Remove the existing freezer jackets from all stores across Australia
  • Replace old freezer jackets with brand new jackets (4 per store)
  • Launder freezer jackets regularly
  • Hold spare stock of freezer jackets to swap when laundering cycle occurs so employees always have a replacement clean jacket

This is a fantastic win for Woolworths Supermarket SDA members.

The safety of workers is paramount at the SDA – We believe everybody has a right to work in a safe and healthy environment, which includes access to clean and safe Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplied by the employer.

With the support of SDA members across Australia, we will continue to push for safer workplaces at Woolies.