Backpay, Air con fixed and other SDA wins at Woolies Broken Hill

For 130 years, the SDA has been fighting to protect and improve the pay, rights and conditions of retail workers in Broken Hill.

From fixing issues on the shop floor to fighting for improvements at the bargaining table and in the Fair Work Commission, the SDA works hard to make sure all workers get a fair go.

In the past few months, the SDA has had several wins for SDA members at Woolworths Broken Hill including:

Underpayment Win 

The SDA recently won backpay for a member at Woolworths Broken Hill who was told to clock off and keep working without being paid.

Being paid for all time you work isn’t optional, it’s the law.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just an extra 15 minutes before or after your shift – it’s important you’re paid for this time and if you’re not, the SDA is here to help.

If you think you’ve been underpaid or not paid for all time worked, tell us here.

Full-time contract maintained following restructure

Following the Woolworths restructure, Woolworths sought to reduce a full-time worker’s contracted hours.

We understand how important security and consistency around your hours and pay are, so we fought to stop their contract from being changed and was able to make sure their full-time hours were maintained.

If your roster or hours of work are changed, always contact the SDA before you sign off on it.

Lunchroom air conditioner fixed

Thanks to pressure by the SDA and members, the air con in the Woolworths Broken Hill lunchroom has been replaced with 2 new air con units.

What else has the SDA has achieved at Woolworths over the years?

Thanks to the SDA, Woolworths Broken Hill workers now receive some of the best pay and conditions across the country.

Broken Hill Allowance

When Australia moved to the Modern Awards in 2009, the SDA launched a groundbreaking case to secure a district allowance to compensate Broken Hill workers – including casuals – for the loss of the fifth week of annual leave.

Since then, the SDA has been able to protect this right and secure it in many SDA-negotiated Agreements.

Thanks to the SDA’s efforts, Broken Hill workers earn an extra $0.97 on every hour worked, making retail and fast food workers in Broken Hill some of the highest paid in Australia.

Stronger rights and penalty rates for casual workers

Thanks to the SDA, under the new Woolworths Agreement, casual workers who have worked regular hours over the past 12 months can now request to convert to part-time or full-time work.

Plus! Casual workers now also receive increased penalty rates on weeknights and all-day Saturday thanks to a case won by the SDA in the Fair Work Commission.

Greater security for part-time workers

In negotiations for the recent Woolworths Agreement, the SDA was able to secure greater security around contracted hours for part-time workers.

Thanks to the SDA, part-time workers who have worked regular additional temporary hours over the past 12 months can request to increase their contracted hours.

The SDA also fought to remove the clause that allowed part-time workers hours to be reduced by 20%, meaning workers’ hours are more predictable.

The SDA has all the forms and information to help you convert to permanent work or increase your contracted hours.

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