Costco, Myer and Priceline agree to pay public holiday penalty rates on December 26 in South Australia

For the past few months, the SDA has been calling on the SA Government to do the right thing by South Aussie workers and declare December 26 a public holiday. 

While every other state and territory in mainland Australia has both December 26 and December 28 as public holidays this year, Steven Marshall – despite receiving thousands of emails from workers – continues to refuse to act.

Even though Steven Marshall refuses to do what’s right, that doesn’t mean your employer can’t fix it. 

We’ve called on many employers to do what Steven Marshall won’t and treat the day as a public holiday anyway. 

In good news, in the past week, Priceline, Costco and Myer have stepped up and announced that they will pay public holiday penalty rates on December 26 in South Australia.

This means that if Priceline, Costco and Myer workers choose to work on December 26, they will receive public holiday penalty rates.

It’s great to see these companies step up and recognise the essential work you do when Premier Steven Marshall and his Government refuse to.

It’s only fair that if you have to go to work on the day after Christmas, after just a single day break, you should be paid public holiday penalty rates – just like most other workers across the country.

If you haven’t already, send Steven Marshall a message here to tell him what you think of his decision.