Stop Paid Parking at TTP

The SDA and members have united with customers, residents, business owners and local politicians to stop a proposal by Westfield to introduce paid parking and boom gates at TTP Shopping Centre in Adelaide’s North.

Since this was made public in February, thousands of workers, customers, residents have signed the SDA’s petition calling on Westfield to abandon these plans.

SDA Secretary Josh Peak says that this plan is nothing more than a greedy cash grab by Westfield.

“At a time when household budgets are tight and many South Australians are struggling to make ends meet, introducing paid parking makes no sense.”

In other shopping centres where Westfield have introduced paid parking, workers have been forced to fork out up to $35 a day.

“This plan will be a jobs killer for the area.”

“Retailers are already struggling – the last thing we need is shoppers being discouraged from spending in their local communities.

If approved, 220 parks could also be removed from the centre in order to make way for bollards, pay stations, fencing and licence plate recognition cameras.

“This proposal to introduce paid parking and reduce parking spaces is not only unsafe and unaffordable, it’s downright unfair.”

The SDA is continuing to work with members, local politicians and community members to stop this proposal

“We’ll continue to fight this plan every step of the way and push for affordable parking options for all workers on-site,” says Josh.

Join the campaign to stop paid parking at TTP.